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Dan is the most honest lawyer I’ve ever met. Doesn’t sugarcoat things, and is upfront from the get-go. I had a tough felony case and Dan knocked it out of the park. He went above and beyond for me, I know who to call if there’s trouble.

Justin H. | Hays County Texas

Dan was referred to me by a previous lawyer that I knew. When I spoke to him he gave me a lot of comfort and reassurance that everything would work out in my favor since I was falsely accused. The Hamre law firm made me feel very secure, and confident. I knew from the beginning that he was determined and would fight for the best outcome. The Hamre Law Firm got my case dismissed. The law firm was very understanding and patient with regard to my financial status at the time. Furthermore, Mr. Hamre answered all my questions and overall it was the best customer service experience I have obtained hands down. I genuinely recommend this fabulous lawyer that will go above and beyond to seek the best result possible.
L. Gonzalez | Austin Texas

Dan is a superb lawyer and a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to help navigate you through the system and puts you at ease. He is incredibly knowledgeable and obviously respected by everyone in the courtroom. He is attentive and has experience with every issue that comes up. I can’t recommend him enough! 

Brandy T. | Austin Texas

Dan is one of the best lawyers I know. He is amazing at what he does. He is very professional, understanding, and a very knowledgeable lawyer. He cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

D. Allison | Austin, TX

Dan Hamre exceeded my expectations! He was extremely helpful in resolving my case. Dan was on top of everything along the way and made me feel at ease that things were not getting missed or falling through the cracks. He was very responsive and fought to get me the resolution needed. I would highly recommend using Dan and would not hesitate to use him again if need be.

T.H. Iglesias | Austin, TX

Having known Mr. Hamre professionally for over ten years, I can say that other than his commitment to his family, his commitment to his profession is his top priority.  I feel grateful to know that when a legal issue arises, I have a confident expert to call who can assist, advise, and guide me through the situation with his expertise and understanding.

T. Jordan | Austin, TX

Dan is a fantastic lawyer. Because he held the role of First Assistant to the County Attorney, Dan brings a knowledge and perspective to cases that most lawyers do not have. I have full confidence in Dan’s ability to handle cases ranging from the mundane to the most serious.
Rick V. | Austin Texas
Dan has practiced criminal law in Texas for 20+ years. He knows the law, knows the system, and knows the players. He will answer your questions, take your calls, and work tirelessly on your behalf.
Ashley | Austin, TX

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At The Hamre Law Firm we know exactly what it takes to get a great result. Often the difference between a good result and an extraordinary result is the ability to demonstrate to the prosecutor that the client “gets it.” The prosecutor handling the case wants to be secure in the belief that the defendant understands the gravity of the situation and has taken measures to ensure that they will not go down this path again.

over 20 years of experience as defense attorneys and top-level prosecutors.

Be assured that everything Hamre Law does on your behalf will be done to the highest ethical standards. We treat every case and client individually.

Criminal Law

We’ve handled thousands of Texas criminal cases that range from traffic tickets, DWI/DUI, fraud, assault, and more.

Austin has aggressive DWI enforcement and you need an equally aggressive attorney in your corner.

We listen and communicate openly and frequently with our clients. There will  be no surprises.

We believe it's our job to get the prosecutor to see you as a human being and not just another case.

Often times the difference between a good result and an extraordinary result is the ability to demonstrate to the prosecutor that the client “gets it.”